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Self Discovery Wellness Arts Center


Dear Friends and Students,
We relay this message to you with deep sadness.
We received this message on December 16th from Anna's daughter Clarissa.
"At 4:45 am Anna's energy became infinite. We rejoice that she has moved on peacefully and hold her with us in our hearts.
Please give us privacy to grieve."
The Center will remain closed through January at which time we will update you on plans for the future.
If you wish to send expressions of sympathy, you may use the following address:
     Clarissa Loomis
     394 Enfield Main Road
     Ithaca, New York   14852
We remain grateful to each of you for being part of life at the Self Discovery Wellness Arts Center,
Helenmarie Fries
secretary SDWAC




Listen to WVIA Interview with  Director Anna D'Andrea 


Self Discovery Wellness Arts Center is a non profit, tax exempt organization whose intended purpose is to encourage and serve a person's inner motivation towards wholeness, wellness, and health through body/mind/soul/spirit integration.

The Center operates from a beautiful restored home and landscaped grounds where it provides the ideal setting for healing, self-discovery and personal spiritual growth. Our labyrinth walk is a focus point for community gathering and personal reflection.

We support the client's desire to protect the vital functioning of all levels of being, and we assist each individual in his/her healing journey to restore balance. Our primary activities include:


OFFERING wellness education through classes, seminars, study groups, video presentations and speakers from a holistic paradigm.

PROVIDING wellness services consistent with wholeness, non-invasiveness and self-reliant choices. We offer a broadspectrum of modalities.

SERVING as a liaison between the community and the traditional medical approaches

BEING a referral resource for other complementary services and practitioners. We try to stay informed about the direction of alternative-complementary health care and what is available in our area.



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