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Yoga and You


"Yoga makes me feel fantastic !"   Frank

Yoga is a system of complete self care and happiness which is at least 5,000 years old. It originated in India and helps people become more aware and develop all aspects of themselves: the physical body, the emotions, the thoughts and the soul so that they can achieve their highest potential as human beings. Yoga offers 8 interconnected avenues of self development.

The physical aspect of Yoga, called asana (the postures) consists of unique poses that make the body flexible, supple and yet strong. Many of the poses are named after animals; some are simple, some quite complex and take years to perfect. The stretches are done quite slowly and attentively, moving the body according to one's comfortable capacity. Slow, deep, diaghpragmatic breathing is an important part of the poses and helps deepen both relaxation and self awareness. There are a number of specific breathing exercises (pranayama) in Yoga that cleanse the lungs, build stamina and encourage a balanced, serene state of mind.

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In the West, the physical aspects of Yoga are the most popular, although meditation is also gaining recognition as a healthy lifestyle practice. In recent years we have heard of famous people practicing Yoga: actresses, singers, models, athletes, baseball teams, etc. Yoga is mentioned very frequently on national media these days and insurance companies are beginning to reimburse for yoga classes and yoga therapy. Yoga is a wonderful way to stay fit and strong, to build self confidence and self esteem. It helps develop concentration, calm the emotions and combat the symptoms of stress.

Yoga practice does not require any expensive equipment. It is traditionally done in early morning or early evening, after cleansing the body and dressing in clean, usually white, loose-fitting clothing. The stomach should be fairly empty but the student should not be hungry either. The practice area should be clean, quiet and pleasant. These preparations help the student avoid distractions while practicing Yoga.

At The Self Discovery Wellness Arts Center, teaching Yoga is one way that we help people of all ages become healthier and happier. Our 2 Yoga studios are beautiful, quiet spaces, ideally suited for relaxation and reflection. 

I am looking forward to welcoming you here and sharing the beauty of Yoga with you.  Please see our calendar for a schedule of yoga classes.

Anna D'Andrea
Certified Yoga Teacher