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Therapeutic Touch 


Therapeutic touch is an energy balancing approach developed by Dolores Krieger, PhD and Dora Kunz in the early 1970's. It is derived from ancient "laying on of hands" and Eastern teachings regarding the human energy system. Extensive research has shown that Therapeutic Touch promotes relaxation; perception shifts and faster wound healing. Originally Therapeutic Touch was taught to nurses, doctors and medical personnel only. Today anyone can learn to perform this energy balancing procedure. A training process of 8-10 hrs is available for anyone interested in learning to help other feel better. Therapeutic Touch is as beneficial to the practitioner as it is to the recipient. Both become more relaxed and peaceful, resulting in higher order perception and functioning.

The practitioner prepares by calming herself and centering on the intention to help restore wholeness and balance to the recipient's energy field. She performs an assessment of the field to sense imbalances or disruptions and then proceeds to "unruffled" or smooth out any blockage, congestion or depletion she finds. Pain relief and healing occur as a result of harmonizing the energy field surrounding the body without necessarily touching the recipient.

A Therapeutic Touch session lasts no more then 20-30 minutes and the healee remains fully clothed, usually seated. Because the procedure is energetic rather than physical, it is ideally suited for infants, the elderly and frail, the very ill who may be confined to bed, those who cannot be moved or any situation where physical touch or contact would be inadvisable. It is a totally non-invasive approach to support healing.