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Meditation is the practice of bringing calm and clarity to the mind. Most of the time, the mind is like an agitated lake with muddy thoughts, confused emotions, unclear goals. The mind-body connection is now well-proven and as a result, emotional stress is known to cause many of today’s illnesses and chronic conditions.

Meditation is an enjoyable process that brings focus and stability to our attention by simply using an anchor of interest and inquiry. In meditation, we channel our attention to one specific point or object for a comfortable period of time, allowing the mind to loosen its grip on familiar grooves and expand into ease and greater awareness.

One of the best objects of attention used for meditation in most traditions is the breath. Placing attention on the easy flow of inhalation and exhalation in the nostrils calms the autonomic nervous system, the flight/fight mechanism, and brings both physiological and psychological benefits to the meditator. Other points of focus used traditionally could be a flower, a candle, a sound, a tactile object, a picture, a diagram, a word or “mantra”. Through practice, the meditator discovers the best “seed” which yields the best experience.

People often begin a meditation practice to reduce stress and alleviate physical symptoms such as pain, headaches, high blood pressure, digestive problems, poor sleep patterns, low energy, etc. With continued practice they notice improvement of symptoms and they also experience a higher sense of overall wellbeing. They feel calmer, happier and more accepting of life and also have a greater capacity to respond effectively to life’s situations. Consistent meditators have reported access to greater intuition, expanded capacity for love of self and others and even peak spiritual and mystical experiences.

We teach a classical form of meditation based on concentration to a single object. We offer both private and group instruction. Private instruction is scheduled by appointment and meditation classes are scheduled for 4 weeks several times/year. Please check our calendar for current offering.

We also welcome anyone interested to come to sitting meditation Sunday mornings at 10:00am in our carriage house.