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Focusing is a method of relaxed, inner dialogue with a feeling space somewhere in the body. Behind any "problem" lies hidden wisdom about our beliefs, emotions, past experiences, motivations and life purpose. The body "felt sense", the feeling place, holds this wisdom which can be revealed with the focusing process.

Focusing can be used to understand and resolve issues of physical pain, emotional conflict, self-esteem, career choices, relationships: any life situation that needs looking into, feels stuck or needs "moving forward." Any discomfort can be approached with the gentle, welcoming attention unique to Focusing. It can also be used to understand dreams.

The Focusing process always results in greater clarity due to compassionate self-understanding and the unblocking of stuck emotional energy. The Focusing companion/guide facilitates the inner dialogue with unconditional presence and skillful, reflective listening.

Sessions are by appointment and can be scheduled for individual issues as well as with partners, family members and groups, to improve relationship communication and behavioral dynamics.