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Alexander Technique


Alexander Technique is a learned method to improve postural and movement dysfunction. It engages the mind and body to reduce and eliminate body misuse in daily activities. People with a wide variety of neurological and musculoskeletal problems have found this technique beneficial. The Alexander Technique provides an index for observing and improving human movement, and a means to gain proficiency in basic movement skills. The Technique also addresses habist of muscular responses by offering a unique approach to neuro-muscular reeducation. The result is a more upright posture and less muscular tension in the neck, back, and shoulders. Students learn a self-management process of understanding balance and dynamic postural control.

Who does it benefit?

People with the following diagnoses/pathologies have found the technique to significantly increase range of motion, reduce pain, enhance breathing coordination, and improve overall function strength and mobility. There are no contra-indications. Students must be conscious, willing, and beyond the level of pain or dysfunction that precludes learning.

Pain Management
Traumatic Injury
Back, Neck, and Hip Dysfunction
Repetitive Stress Injuries
Neurological Dysfunction
Respiratory Dysfunction
Posture/Balance Disorders
How do I begin?

Private lessons are recommended. Most people schedule an initial consultation lesson to gain direct experience of the Technique and discuss their particular needs.

What is an AmSat certified teacher of the Alexander Technique?

An AmSat certified teacher is a highly trained professional having completed a 1600 hour training program over a minimum of three years. The emphasis of the training is on observation and modification of human movement patterns to identify and eliminate sources of movement dysfunction. In a process of psycho-physical reeducation, the teacher uses specific clinical skills, including manual guidance, and verbal cueing to improve each student's postural and movement patterns.

Frances Roberton

Is a certified teaching member of the American Society of the Alexander Technique,(AmSat) a society formed to establish and maintain standards for the certification of teachers and teacher training courses in the U.S.A., and to ensure tliat the educational principles of the Alexander Technique are upheld. She trained at The American Center for The Mexander Technique, in New York City, which was the first Teacher training School in the US. Frances studies annually as a post-graduate at the Constructive Learning Center, London, where first generation teachers reside.