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  • There are a number of things that Anna has shown me in yoga. Most importantly, moving slowly with full awareness of the movement and the accompanying breath. It’s remarkable how this can focus, calm and energize me. In the past I was far too athletic about yoga, and my thinking was achievement oriented.    Steve


  • I appreciate your yoga class..... through all the hussle and bussle of my daily life routine, I have found yoga and your class puts me in another world, free of worry and fear. I feel like a new woman, when I exit your door, hoping the feeling lasts for a while.    Sarah


  • The benefits gained during yoga are highly measurable. Physically, I find that I know more about my body and its capabilities. I have learned and felt the benefits of stretching, the understanding of the differences between my left and right sides of my body and have strengthened parts of my body that were once prone to aches and pain. Psychologically, with the added benefit of Anna’s verbal input during class, I find myself to be in better balance. I am able to put life in a better perspective, understand and channel my energy levels, and overall, be less stressed.   Joel


  • Anna does a nice job with students of varying ability. We are always encouraged to proceed at our own pace and not do more than we feel comfortable doing. Her studio is a lovely, peaceful place, where one can relax and transcend the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.   Al



  • Anna---your center is truly divine in every way! There is Peace there, we felt it! I got a chance to meet some interesting people as well. Thanks so much for having us and we look forward to attending more events in the future. John and Doreen


  • Thank you for creating the Center and continuing to give us an opportunity for moments of grace. Re


Early Music concert, 4/3/11

  • The concert was just terrific. Hearing the music performed in such an intimate environment was truly special. I very consciously savored the entire experience!   Bruce


Labyrinth Walks

  • At the end of the group walk Sunday I vowed to my higher self that I will never go back to my former state. I can honestly say that I have cried my first tears of rebirth through the Labyrinth, through Yoga, Reiki, meditation, and your wise counsel.   Frank


  • The labyrinth walks were wonderful and enlightening. I’ve been trying to put into practice what I learned during the walks. In general I feel much more positive. I've been waiting for this quiet time for a while so I can get my life in order. Thanks!   Carol


  • Anna, Thank you for planning a beautiful walk today. Our Labyrinth does have an energy that is palpable. While I walked I affirmed that I would put disappointments about myself this year into the past (dark candle) and take love and acceptance for myself back out (lit candle). You mentioning the flower and the bulb spoke directly to me. I wonder what kind of flower I will be? Your song was also moving because it is so true, loving oneself, being kind to oneself, affirming that we are children of the universe and therefore all connected. Thank you.   Frank



  • Anna, I just need to say thank you! Today was incredible. Now, I really truly believe in my heart after what I was shown during Reiki. Today was life changing.   Scott


  • I loved our group Reiki session tonight. The connection of spirit through touch and energy transmission is transcendental. I noticed each of our open hands as instruments of love and healing. Amazing!   Frank