Self Discovery Wellness Arts Center

is a non profit, tax exempt organization whose intended

purpose is to encourage and serve a person's inner motivation towards wholeness, wellness, and health through body/mind/soul/spirit integration.

The Center operates from a beautiful restored home and landscaped grounds where it provides the ideal setting for healing, self-discovery and personal spiritual growth. Our labyrinth walk is a focus point for community gathering and personal reflection.

We support the client's desire to protect the vital functioning of all levels of being, and we assist each individual in his/her healing journey to restore balance. Our primary activities include:

  • OFFERING wellness education through classes, seminars, study groups, video presentations and speakers from a holistic paradigm.
  • PROVIDING wellness services consistent with wholeness, non-invasiveness and self-reliant choices. We offer a broadspectrum of modalities.
  • SERVING as a liaison between the community and the traditional medical approaches
  • BEING a referral resource for other complementary services and practitioners.We try to stay informed about the direction of alternative-complementary health care and what is vailable in our area

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Self Discovery
Wellness Arts Center